Self-Service Appointment Booking 24/7
Your clients can review your list of services, fees and meeting options, view your teams availability and choose a time that works best for them. A branded confirmation email is sent out, and clients can reschedule if needed.


Online Scheduling Software & Calendar

Customize Your Appointment Options
You can ask your clients for their phone, address or other necessary details. You can use your client’s location, or set vCita to use your own address, phone number, Skype account, video conference or any online meeting service.


Fits Websites, Mobile & Social Networks
Add an appointment scheduling option to your website, mobile site, business directory or Facebook page - customized to fit your business needs and brand. Capture more business on Twitter and Google+ by inviting followers to schedule time to talk or a service.


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Business Calendar Always In Sync


Manage your business schedule and appointments on any device. You and your team can keep vCita in-sync with any phone or existing calendar at Google, Outlook, iCal and more.
Save Time On Coordination & Reminders
An email notification or a text message (SMS) goes to the relevant staff member for every appointment request. Clients receive a confirmation with appointment details, and reminders are sent automatically to both your clients and your staff..
Online scheduling is one of the best ways to capture more leads and provide a better service to your clients.
vCita online scheduling software lets potential and existing clients instantly
schedule a consultation, an appointment or a service - on any device, at any time
and with selected staff members, based on their up-to-date availability.
vCIta business calendar will also save you and your team time on client
scheduling, coordination, reminders, follow-ups and reschedules.


Appointment Scheduling For Your Website

Business Calendar For Your Team

Multiple Staff Calendars
Clients can select the staff member they wish to talk to or work with, and schedule time at their convenience. Each team member can manage its own calendar and appointments, and a business administrator can be assigned to manage scheduling requests across the team.

Secure Payments Online

vCita can display your fees for services and appointments. You may request a full or partial credit card payment or PayPal in advance, or generate an invoice after the appointment or service complete with one click.


Enhance Your Email Marketing 
Promote your services, and let clients take an immediate action on every email you send. Add a meeting scheduler link to your email signature, or an online scheduling button to your email campaigns.